Neuroathletiktrainer Kevin Grafen beim Sehtest mit einem ARTZT neuro Brock String

3 neuroathletic exercises for lumbago

Do you have back pain from lumbago? You can easily treat the pain yourself with these simple neuroathletic exercises. Neurotrainer Kevin Grafen shows you 3 simple exercises and which tools you need for them.

would you have known When it comes to our backs, our eyes play a role that should not be underestimated. Both the flexor and extensor muscles are imperceptibly influenced by the position of the eye: if we turn our eyes inwards, i.e. squint, the flexor muscles are activated. If, on the other hand, we look into the distance, we activate the extensor muscles.

And what does that have to do with neuroathletics? Quite simply: the change between the eye position from outside to inside and back gently activates the back muscles and can help to relieve tension and subsequently alleviate pain. The Brock cord with its three colored balls comes to our aid. The first exercise is about "jumping eyes" which result in a constant, flowing change between the outward and inward position - from the far to the near - of the eyes. In this way, the flexor and extensor muscles in the back are alternately stimulated, which often leads to noticeable relaxation.

In many cases, back pain also leads to restricted breathing. Conversely, this means that conscious, deep breathing can have a positive effect on back pain. Here, too, a tool from neuroathletics promises a remedy: the breathing belt. It can be used to train breathing in such a way that the ribs expand upwards and outwards, you can breathe in and out deep into your stomach and then in all directions, which in turn can relieve tension in your back. A great experience that also ensures all-round relaxation. Finally, we come to a very special tool from neuroathletics, the Z-Vibe. With its help, the tongue and throat region is stimulated by vibration, which in turn influences the area in the brain responsible for the extensor muscles. The result: the extensor muscles relax.

All 3 exercises are easy to use and - that's the great thing about neuroathletics - can also be carried out when the back is in acute pain. Just try it!

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