Collection: Breathing Trainers

Breathing – something so natural and yet so immensely important for our health and well-being. At ARTZT neuro we understand how central conscious and effective breathing is for athletes, for people in convalescence and for all health-conscious people. That's why we've put together breathing trainers and other fitness equipment for your breathing training with the greatest care.

Here you will find selected breathing trainers and breathing training devices that will help you improve your breathing technique, strengthen your breathing muscles and increase your lung capacity. With thorough breathing training, you can not only optimize your athletic performance, but also reduce stress and promote your general health.

Breathing trainer to improve performance, optimize sleep or reduce stress

Our lung trainers are ideal for specifically training the breathing muscles. No matter whether you want to improve your performance or recover from an injury - with our breathing trainers you can lay the foundation for a stronger breathing system.

Use the breathing trainer to specifically train your performance or to regenerate after training. In everyday life, it can help you reduce stress or improve your sleep.

Use the breathing belt to breathe more consciously. Support abdominal breathing and specifically train your diaphragm. This can help you become more relaxed and live a healthier life.

Sleep with the Sleep Tape and discover the benefits of mouth taping for yourself. Support your nasal breathing and strengthen your immune system. Ensure a restful sleep and a fresh start to the day.

You can find out how to optimally design your breathing training on our breathing topic page. Here we not only provide you with in-depth knowledge, but also with practical tips and exercises that you can immediately integrate into your everyday life.

Discover our products now and start your personal breathing training with ARTZT neuro for a life full of vitality and performance. Experience the difference that improved breathing can make – for more energy, balance and health.