Neuroathletik Trainer trägt den ARTZT neuro SoundVibe Kopfhörer und hält ein Smartphone in beiden Händen

3 neuroathletic exercises for tinnitus

Do you suffer from tinnitus? That constant ringing in your ears that almost drives you crazy when you fall asleep? Tinnitus is often only temporary and can be alleviated or even disappear with the right measures, such as tinnitus sound therapy. Neuro-athletic trainer Kevin Grafen shows you the best neuro-athletic exercises you can do for tinnitus.

For this purpose, the SoundVibe, a bone conduction headphone, is used, which is connected to a special frequency generator app on your smartphone. The frequency of a tinnitus is usually very high, but initially a rather low frequency of 100 Hertz is played into the ear via the bone sound headphones for ten to 20 seconds. By the way: Since tinnitus often only occurs on one side, the app offers the option of controlling just one ear. The Hertz frequencies are now increased step by step during the "training". The goal is to find the sound that matches your tinnitus, because sometimes the brain creates sounds so the nerve cells that make those sounds don't die. If the nerve cells are irradiated from the outside, this reaction does not occur in the best case and the tinnitus disappears. This exercise can be used several times a day at the appropriate frequency for ten to twenty seconds.

The next exercise starts with the jaw joint, because a tense jaw can definitely trigger tinnitus. That's why the motto now is: mobilize the jaw. It's easy to do without any tools, with certain gentle turns of the head and special slow movements of the lower jaw that Kevin will show you.

For the third exercise you need a Z-Vibe equipped with the fine attachment. The jaw joint behind the is now massaged and vibrated for about a minute. Why? Quite simply: the auditory nerve runs there alongside numerous other nerves. If this spot is vibrated, the tinnitus may disappear. Have fun trying out what works best for you!

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Wenn ich meine Tinnitus-Frequenz mit der App und dem Knochenschall Kopfhörer gefunden habe und gespeichert habe .. ist es dann zielführender für die Heilung des Tinnitus jedesmal bei 100 oder 500 Hz zu starten und zu steigern und diese Steigerungen bis zur eigenen Frequenz jedesmal immer zu wiederholen oder soll man dann lediglich die eigene Tinnitusfrequenz beschallen lassen wenn man diese gefunden hat und nur diese immer wiederholen?


Sehr gut und nachvollziehbar erklärt!

Susann Fischer

Hallo Elena. Den Z-Vibe bekommst du aktuell im ARTZT Shop:
LG Jonas


Hallo, vielen Dank für sehr interressante Uebungen. Meine Frage: Wo bekommt man Z-Vibe?
MfG Elena


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