Neuroathletik Übungen bei Kurzsichtigkeit

Neuroathletic exercises for myopia

Do you have problems with reading or with the screen? You can do something about myopia with neuro-athletic training. Neuroathletics trainer Kevin Grafen shows you two simple exercises you can use to train your eye muscles. All you need is a Brock string.

Almost everyone knows them, the problems that often arise when the eyes become weaker. Reading is exhausting, the letters are no longer clearly visible and working on the screen is becoming increasingly difficult. Sooner or later it affects almost everyone: short-sightedness. But the good news is that you can do something specifically to maintain your eyesight and even improve it again. Simple exercises and aids from neuro-athletics make the seemingly impossible possible!

So that you can check the "before and after" directly, please take stock of the distance from which you can still read the writing of a book, for example. For both exercises, neuro-athletics coach Kevin Grafen uses the so-called Brock cord, on which several colored balls are lined up at regular intervals. The cord is attached horizontally away from the body and then held at nose level.

Now Kevin first lets his eyes "jump": The gaze jumps from the first ball step by step over the other balls to the ball that is furthest away. With your eyes closed, go back to the beginning.

For the second exercise with the same "exercise structure" imagine a zipper that you open, starting from the tip of your nose to the end of the Brock cord - so to speak, from squinting you go into the distance and thus to the normal eye position. Both exercises are ideally repeated 5 to 10 times. If your eyes water or hurt, take a break!

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