Get the training app neurally

The App neurally by ARTZT is the indispensable companion for neuro-athletic training with ARTZT neuro training devices and was specially developed for neurotrainers. Here you will find all the digital tools you need for regular exercises with your clients.

All digital tools were developed by a Z-Health Master Practitioner to meet the specific needs of neuro-athletics training. There's no other app like this.

The special feature: You can combine the auditory tools, i.e. the tools that work with sounds, with others. Use the tone generator while using OKN or the vision charts.

All tools in one app

With neurally by ARTZT, you always have everything you need for your neuroathletic training with you. You will find the right tool for every ARTZT neuro product here:


  • Indispensable for balance training with the SoundVibe bone conduction headphones
  • Generate tones at different frequencies between 20 and 1,000 Hertz
  • Adjust the balance and volume steplessly
  • Use the tone generator in combination with the other tools


  • Create image sequences to train the optokinetic reflex
  • Set the speed and size steplessly
  • Alternate between 2 or 3 bars
  • Switch from bars to icons or photos (animals)
  • Change the color of all bars (Black, Red, Green, Blue)
  • Change the background color of icons and photos


  • Dynamic coordination charts
  • Switch between different symbols (circle, square, star)
  • Shuffle the arrangement randomly
  • Set the transparency of the page (left and right halves)
  • Portrait and landscape available
  • Use arrows as a symbol as an additional level of complexity (coming soon)
  • Combine symbols for an additional level of complexity (coming soon)


  • Dynamic Stroop charts
  • Shuffle words and their order randomly
  • Switch between color equals word and color not equal word
  • Set the transparency of the page (left and right halves)
  • Portrait and landscape available


  • Eye charts similar to the Snellen charts in increments of 80 to 1
  • Mark a size permanently and track your progress


  • Generate sounds to the beat Set the BPM and the frequency of the beat
  • Adjust the balance between the sides
  • Can be used in combination with other app tools


  • Box breathing (4 cycles)
  • Triangle breathing (3 cycles)
  • Circle Breathing (2 Cycles)
  • set the time of the cycles
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