Fußballer trainiert seine Atmung mit einem ARTZT neuro Mouth Tape

More stamina, concentration and energy through correct breathing in sport - how the pros train

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How to become more efficient with breathing trainers and mouth taping
Nose breathing or mouth breathing? How to breathe correctly when exercising
Better breathing during sports with Mouth Tapes
Optimize breathing technique during sports and in everyday life with breathing trainers
Conclusion: Better breathing, better performance!

How to become more efficient with breathing trainers and mouth taping

Your breathing during sport and beyond is much more than just taking a breath! Often underestimated, breathing has a huge impact on our mental and physical performance . Studies show that the right breathing technique can improve our lives and our health on many levels - not just during sport. We'll show you two practical tools that will help you maintain more energy and performance in sport and reduce your stress levels through better breathing.

Nose breathing or mouth breathing? How to breathe correctly when exercising

Unlike the oral cavity, the nasal cavity has the task of warming, moistening and filtering the air you breathe in. This protects you from colds, allergies and other respiratory problems because the air is cleaned to a certain extent.

Nasal breathing also improves the oxygen absorption and utilization in your body . Studies show that nasal breathing leads to a higher oxygen concentration in the blood. This increases your performance during sports and at the same time reduces stress levels during training. For footballers and other athletes, this means more stamina and energy , especially towards the end of the game.

More concentration and better memory performance through correct breathing

Proper nasal breathing not only has a physical effect. Memory performance and concentration are also improved by the increased oxygen supply. Nasal breathing also reduces adrenaline release and pulse, which means you sleep more restfully and wake up with more energy .

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Incorrect breathing leads to dental problems and muscle weakness

Chronic mouth breathing , on the other hand, can cause numerous problems , from inefficient breathing and excessive chest breathing to dental problems. These problems often lead to further complications such as snoring, sleep apnea and muscle dysfunction in the jaw area. Nobody wants such health problems that affect both breathing and dental and jaw health. After all, top performance is always based on a healthy body.

Sleep tapes or mouth tapes are placed over your mouth before going to sleep to keep your mouth closed during the night.

This forces your body to breathe through your nose, which increases the positive effects of nasal breathing and promotes healthy breathing habits. Stars such as Norwegian footballer Erling Haaland and Polish tennis great Iga Świątek have long been taking advantage of the benefits of mouth taping.

How to use your mouth tapes correctly for breathing during sports

If you are healthy, you can do moderate and short intense exercises with mouth tape and only breathe through your nose - the study by Dallam and Kies shows. This means that during moderate exertion during training you should ideally only breathe through your nose.

Exciting: By using the mouth tapes you get used to breathing through your nose and can increase the intensity of your training without tapes. Using your mouth in addition to nasal breathing helps you even more in high-stress situations.

Whether you're running or doing strength training, you should avoid using mouth tapes during intensive training sessions , as we humans tend to breathe more through our mouths at medium intensity levels in order to take in more oxygen more quickly. At this high level of exertion, the tape would reduce the rapid supply of oxygen and limit your breathing during sport and therefore your performance .

Optimize your breathing technique during sports & in everyday life with breathing trainers

With the ARTZT neuro breathing trainer you can optimize your breathing technique in everyday life and your breathing during sport. The breathing trainer can strengthen your respiratory muscles and improve lung capacity . This makes it ideal for endurance athletes, swimmers and mountain climbers. You can vary the trainer for inhaling and exhaling in seven intensity levels.

You will receive acoustic feedback for effective training and, of course, for correct breathing during exercise. Flexible and easy to use, the breathing trainer makes your breathing more efficient and relaxing with simple exercises. And it can also help you quickly reduce stress in everyday life.

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Conclusion: Better breathing, better performance!

Overall, the correct breathing technique in sports and everyday life contributes significantly to improving performance and general health. It is not for nothing that stars like Erling Haaland and Iga Świątek have long been using breathing tools for better performance.

Using breathing trainers and mouth taping can help you optimize your breathing, increase your lung capacity and reduce your stress levels. Studies also show that nasal breathing improves oxygen intake and utilization, which not only increases your physical performance but also supports your concentration and memory.

Regular breathing exercises can help you to have more energy and recover better. Would you have thought that small adjustments to the way you breathe in and out can improve your athletic performance so much?

Now you too can expand your training with effective breathing tools and increase your performance!

Many thanks to the team at Soccerkinetics for providing us with the know-how for this article.

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