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Collection: Eye Training

Are you a therapist or trainer and are you interested in how you can improve the performance of your patients or clients through targeted eye training? Then you have come to the right place at ARTZT neuro! In our eye training category you will find a variety of tools and products that are specifically designed to optimize the interaction between the brain and the eyes.

Eye training is an important part of neuroathletics and can help to improve visual perception, reaction time and cognitive performance. Many people today suffer from problems such as digital eye strain, visual impairment or concentration problems. With targeted eye training, you can actively address these problems and support your patients or clients on their way to improved visual performance.

At ARTZT neuro we offer a wide range of products for eye training. Our products are based on the latest scientific findings and have been developed to optimally support therapists and trainers in their work.

Use the vision sticks to train eye movements or focus. Use the vision charts to train your long-distance and distance vision. Or wear the pinhole glasses at your desk to relax your eyes and train your eye muscles. Do you often suffer from stress or concentration problems? Use color glasses to find out how colors can influence the way you see things in your everyday life.

A common problem that many people face is digital eye strain caused by daily use of screens. With our eye training tools, you can specifically combat this strain and relax the eye muscles. Our tools help train the eyes and improve visual perception. We also offer exercise devices that are specifically designed to train hand-eye coordination and improve reaction speed.

Ready to discover the world of eye training at ARTZT neuro? Immerse yourself in the world of eye training and find the right tools to optimize the visual performance of your patients or clients. Start today and support them on the way to improved visual perception and cognitive performance!