Collection: Fitness equipment for your neuroathletics exercises

Here in the ARTZT neuro online shop you will find the best fitness equipment for your neuroathletics exercises . Neuroathletic training is perfect for optimizing the interaction between head and body and thus improving your own performance.

The starter set , which contains everything you need to get started, is ideal for starting your daily neuro training. Practical helpers such as colored glasses and grid glasses help you train your eyesight and provide new stimuli in athletic training.

For your daily breathing training you can find the breathing belt or the smart RC-FIT CLASSIC breathing trainer here. The Sleep Tapes ensure better and more restful sleep. The small relaxer is perfect for relaxation in between.

The SoundVibe bone conduction headphones help you with your neuroathletics balance exercises. Would you like to know what exactly bone conduction is? We explain it to you in the blog article: Free your ears with bone conduction headphones

Neuroathletics therapists can find professional therapy devices here such as the discrimination tool or the motion guidance clinic kit . Neuroathletics trainers benefit from the versatile ROXProX training lights or the Super Band made of skin-friendly textile for effective resistance training.

You can order from us with free shipping for orders over €49 in Germany. You can use all common payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard or Klarna invoice. And if you are not satisfied with your neuroathletics tool, you can return it to us within 100 days of ordering.

Are you looking for the right neuroathletics exercises for your tool? The neuroathletics trainers Kevin Grafen and Luise Walther will show you the right workouts for tinnitus , dizziness , neck pain ,migraines , back pain , teeth grinding and many more.

Would you like to find out how exactly neurocentric training works? Find out everything about the topic in the blog article: What is neuroathletic training?