Collection: Discover the world of perception at ARTZT neuro

In the "Perception" category at ARTZT neuro you will find a variety of products that have been specially developed for neuroathletic trainers, athletic trainers and therapists. Here everything revolves around improving the ability to perceive, which is essential for effective training and optimal therapy.

A common problem that many trainers and therapists face is the difficulty of specifically training their clients' perception. Often, they lack the right tools and methods to improve sensory skills and thus increase performance.

In our range you will find a selection of innovative products that aim to specifically target and train perception. From balance pads to reaction balls to special training equipment - we offer everything you need to specifically train your sensory skills.

Our products are based on the latest scientific findings in the field of neuroathletics and were developed in collaboration with experts such as Dr. Eric Cobb from Z-Health. They are not only high-quality and durable, but also easy to use and versatile.

Convince yourself of the effectiveness of our perception products and take your clients' training to a new level. Discover the world of perception at ARTZT neuro and revolutionize your training and therapy approaches!