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ARTZT neuro

Football Set

Football Set

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Train like a pro with the ARTZT neuro football set

Do you want to reach your full potential in football? With the ARTZT neuro football set you can take your game to a new level. This innovative set combines products and methods from neurocentric training to significantly improve your playing skills, reaction times and agility. Whether you are an ambitious amateur or a professional - this set is your key to more success on the pitch.

What is inside?

2 trigger point massage balls: Release muscle tension and support your regeneration after intensive training sessions. Promote blood circulation and improve your muscle health through targeted self-massage.

4 Vision Sticks: Train your peripheral vision and improve your reaction speed. These specially designed sticks sharpen your visual perception so that you can react faster to game situations.

1 Eye patch: Promotes one-sided eye coordination and improves your concentration. An ideal tool to train your focusing skills.

1 Pinhole Glasses Sport: Use these innovative glasses to improve your visual accommodation and fixation. Increase your speed and precision in visual tasks on the field.

1 Brock String: Perfect your hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. An indispensable tool for players who want to optimize their ball skills and precision.

8 Mouth Tapes: Support correct breathing during training. This can help improve concentration and endurance – a small trick with a big impact.

1 book Soccerkinetics : A comprehensive guide to applying neurocentric training methods in soccer. Learn how to synergistically improve your mental and physical abilities.

1 mesh bag: Practical and easy to carry, keeps your equipment organized and always at hand.

Your path to more success in football

The ARTZT neuro soccer set gives you the opportunity to enrich your training routine with scientifically based methods aimed at optimizing the core elements of your game. Increase your athletic performance and rediscover the fun of training. Challenge yourself and experience how neurocentric soccer training takes your game to a new level.

Experience the synergy of head and body and become the playmaker of your team – with the ARTZT neuro soccer set.

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- Practical set for getting started with neurocentric football and ball sports training
- Optimize your soccer training
- Ideal for football academies and football teams
- Includes 18 exclusive tools that can optimize your football game
- Includes exercise book from Soccerkinetics
- Including download workshop: Balance training for footballers*




2 trigger point massage balls, 4 vision sticks, 1 eye patch, 1 pinhole glasses sport, 1 Brock String Flex, 8 mouth tapes, 1 book Soccerkinetics, 1 mesh bag


Massage ball, vision sticks, pinhole glasses, brock string, eye patch and mesh bag can be wiped with a damp cloth if necessary.

The mouth tapes are disposable products that should be disposed of after one use.

The book can be wiped with a dry cloth if necessary.

  • Logo Soccerkinetics

    In co-operation with SOCCERKINETICS

    The brand for neuro-centred football training

  • "Neuroathletic training is the key to individualisation in my daily work with athletes. This makes it indispensable for me when making decisions in training practice."

    Domink Suslik, Training, Performance and Health Management Hannover96

Fotomontage des Buches Soccerkinetics für neurozentriertes Fußballtraining


The set includes the book SOCCERKINETICS - the ultimate exercise book for neuro-centred football training. Professional footballers Alex Glöckle and Simon Jans show you how to prevent injuries and achieve your personal peak performance through neuro-centred football training.

Discover countless tips and exercises on topics such as coordination, balance and technique. Invaluable knowledge that will take you to the next level of football.

Exclusively with us, you'll also receive the lecture Balance Training for Footballers as a free download - straight after purchase with no waiting time. (*Pre-sale offer valid from 14.06. - 29.09.2024)

Together we'll get you to your peak performance!