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Half-field glasses

Half-field glasses

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Glasses for visual training

The half-field glasses have different coloured fields that divide the visual field vertically. In this way, the dominant hemisphere can be specifically relaxed or the weaker hemisphere stimulated when there is different activity in the two hemispheres of the brain

The half-field glasses are made of easy-care and robust acrylic and have an elastic textile rubber band that allows them to be worn with almost any head circumference.

How do the half-field glasses work?

The colour information taken in by our eyes reaches the right and left hemispheres of the brain proportionately and is processed there. In the process, the eyes transmit the information from the respective outer field of vision to the opposite hemisphere of the brain and from the nasal field of vision to the brain hemisphere on the same side. People who have different activity in the two hemispheres of the brain due to injuries, illnesses, etc. can benefit from the therapy method.

  • Large enough to cover the entire field of vision
  • Fits almost all head diameters thanks to elastic strap
  • Useable from both sides
  • Colour: green-blue

Note: The use of the half-field glasses should only take place after consultation with the attending physician, therapist or neuro-trainer

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Product features

Colour: Green-Blue


Acrylic (glass)


Glass diameter: approx. 5.5 cm, total width: 15 cm

Scope of delivery

1 x half field glasses

Care instructions

If necessary, wipe with a microfibre cloth. Can also be washed off with soap and water in case of heavy soiling.