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Motion Guidance

Motion Guidance Clinician Kit

Motion Guidance Clinician Kit

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Visual neuroathletics training with Motion Guidance

The Motion Guidance Clinic Kit contains everything you need to set up your clinic with visual feedback for each body part: A green rechargeable laser (low power, 1 mW), 4 hygienic body harnesses (S, M, L, XL) that fit each body part and are easy to clean between patients, and a variety of tracking mounts and targets.

The laser can be easily recharged via USB port and the included cable.

How does Motion Guidance work?

It comes with a parallel and a vertical mounting plate so you can project a laser pointer as a visual guide at any angle. You can simply attach the device to any part of your body and adjust the aim as you wish. This device is a game changer for patient engagement, movement assessment and training.

It also enhances learning by emphasising external cues and instantly recognising body position. The laser's remote switch allows you to remove or add visual cues during training to enhance learning and increase engagement.

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Product features

- Your patients can directly track their movements and instantly see where they are in the room.
- Add a visual component to simple movement exercises and see your progress directly.
- Turn simple exercises such as cervical range of motion, hip joints or knee bends into a visually motivating exercise.
- Add proprioceptive awareness exercises to any body part and visualise your motor control skills.
- The application and benefits of Motion Guidance are limited only by your own creativity.



Scope of delivery

- 1 soft case
- 1 green laser with case and USB port for recharging
- 2 pieces of each mounting part (flat and right-angled)
- 1 extra large, 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small hygiene loop (wipeable material)
- 2 suction cup hooks and 4 adhesive hooks
- One double-sided, thick 3x5' tracking grid
- One thin 4x4' "maze and clock" hanging grid
- 1 coloured, hangable "circle target" made of silicone

Care instructions


The neurally by ARTZT app was specially developed for neurotrainers. Here you will find all the digital tools you need for regular exercises with your clients.


What it does, what it can do. Watch the video for a brief explanation of what neuroathletics is.


ARTZT neuro is one of our newest brands. You could previously find the range at the quality brand ARTZT vitality.

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