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Motion Guidance

Motion Guidance Patient Pack

Motion Guidance Patient Pack

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With the Motion Guidance Klinik Kit, depending on the variant, you can provide a specific region of your patient's body with a visual feedback marker to give them visual external cues about his or her range of motion, movement control or isolation of movement. The device can be used creatively as needed.

It is advisable to seek training from a healthcare professional on how best to use the Motion Guidance device. Each patient pack contains a link belt, a laser with built-in batteries, a holder and a tracking grid.

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    Product features

    Knee pack:
    Ideal for use on the thigh to practice lower limb movement with visual feedback for body awareness - also at home.

    Head | Trunk Pack:
    Ideal for use on the thigh to practice lower limb movement with visual feedback for body awareness at home.

    Shoulder | Ankle Pack:
    Ideal for use on the shoulder or ankle/foot to practice movements at home with visual feedback for limb awareness and motor skills.



    Scope of delivery

    Knee Pack:
    Contains a laser, 3 batteries, a strap to attach to the thigh and a tracking grid.

    Head | Trunk Pack:
    Contains: Laser, 3 batteries, medium sized strap to wrap around the thigh, parallel mount and 3x5 foot floor grid.

    Shoulder | Ankle Pack:
    Set comes complete with 3 batteries, small strap (for foot or arm), parallel mount, hangable tracking grid flag with adhesive wall hooks and laser.

    Care instructions


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