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ARTZT neuro

Pinhole Glasses

Pinhole Glasses

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Train your eyesight with the pinhole glasses

The ARTZT neuro pinhole glasses train the eye muscles while at the same time relaxing them by reducing the stress factor of light, but bundling the incident light in a more targeted manner. Instead of conventional glasses, a dark plastic dot grid is used. Due to the many holes, the eyes are forced to make smaller movements, which means that the eye muscles are constantly active.

With the many small holes, the glasses give you a clearer view and relax eyes that are stressed by light. In order to get all of the eye muscles moving, it is advisable to use the pinhole glasses for everyday activities (watching television, reading, working on the PC), as well as for distance vision.

How do pinhole glasses work?

The perforation ensures that the incident light beam hits the center of the retina, the point of sharpest vision. It is thus already bundled in front of the eye and can then already transmit information to the brain at that point in the eye. The almost sharp image on the retina now encourages the brain to use the eye muscles for the rest of the focusing, similar to a pinhole diaphragm. The image seen consists of many, very sharply focused individual segments, which the brain puts together to form an overall picture. Over time, the individual points are hardly noticed.

Technical specifications:

  • For training the eye muscles
  • For use in and prevention of poor eyesight, eye fatigue or eye pain
  • Easy to wear in everyday life, such as watching TV, reading or on the PC
  • Dimensions: Common glasses format - 55 x 20 x 130 mm
  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Incl. microfiber bag

Note: The pinhole glasses are not suitable for people with strabismus (squinting).

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Product features

Easy to wear in everyday life, such as watching TV, reading or on the PC





Scope of delivery

1 x Pinhole Glasses Microfiber Bag

Care instructions

Wipe clean with a dry microfiber cloth