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PowerDot 2.0 DUO

PowerDot 2.0 DUO

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The well-kept secret of professional athletes

Professional athletes seem to need hardly any recovery time and at the same time get quick visible results from their training. You can have that too. The intuitive PowerDot 2.0 DUO:

  • Relieves muscle and joint pain naturally.
  • Warms up your muscles.
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Can have a positive effect on muscle strength and endurance.
  • Is painless and clinically proven.

PowerDot 2.0 stimulates your muscles and associated nerves electrically (neuromuscular stimulation). More than 10 programmes are available for this purpose - depending on whether you need the stimulation for warming up or for regeneration. Connect your smartphone to the stimulator, select a suitable programme and enjoy.

For athletes and rehabilitation

As an athlete, professional athlete or fitness enthusiast, the PowerDot 2.0 DUO is a device that can improve your performance. The gentle electrical stimulation warms up your muscles more effectively before training than a normal warm-up. This helps you prevent injuries. After training, the electrical impulses support recovery by stimulating blood circulation. The PowerDot 2.0 is also a benefit for your body between training days.

Rehabilitation is all about building up and strengthening weakened muscles. With neuromuscular electrical stimulation, this can happen in a targeted and effective way. Stimulation also has an effect on strains, sprains or wounds after an operation. You can track your progress in the app on your smartphone, so you can always see how well your rehabilitation is going.

Natural pain relief

The TENS programme, as well as massage and recovery programmes, can relieve your pain from injuries or tension. It does this by releasing endorphins and interrupting the transmission of pain to the central nervous system.

With the TENS programme, it is even possible to reduce pain for up to four hours after use.

Give your muscles a treat - with the PowerDot 2.0. DUO is ideal if you want to stimulate the muscle over a larger area.

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Product features

- Easy operation via the app
- More than 10 programmes for all your needs
- Increase blood circulation
- Prevent injuries
- Natural pain relief
- Faster regeneration
- Increase muscle strength



Scope of delivery

- 2 PowerDot pods in red
- 2 sets of electrode pads
- 2 sets in cable (10 and 30 cm)
- 2 micro USB charging cables
- Protective carrying case

Care instructions