Neuroathletiktrainer Kevin Grafen steht neben einer Frau, die den ARTZT neuro SoundVibe Knochenschall Kopfhörer trägt.

Neuroathletic exercises for more balance with SoundVibe

What are bone conduction headphones? And how does it help you with your balance training? Neurotrainer Kevin Grafen explains this to you in the video.

How do you listen to music? Are you still stuck in your ears or have you ever heard of bone conduction headphones? It not only has many advantages, but can also bring you into shape in terms of your health.

Bone conduction headphones transmit sound directly to the inner ear using bone conduction. Unlike normal headphones, it lies just in front of the ear between the cheek and temple. The advantage: Even when listening to music, you can hear ambient noise such as road traffic. The headphones are connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and can do a lot more besides transmitting music: With the help of a special app, they can treat (tooth)ache and dizziness as well as train posture and balance. Our video shows how it works.

During training with the headphones, the app plays various frequencies that have a positive effect on the sense of balance, for example. The inner ear is responsible for activating the extensor muscles in the back, which is why the function of the muscles is influenced indirectly via the corresponding Hertz frequencies. It all happens subconsciously (reflexively). Particularly impressive: You can feel the change immediately after the "sonication" and - as impressively shown in the video - a small push from the side no longer throws you off balance.

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