Portrait Andreas Könings

Andreas Könings

Coach, Trainer, Author, Z-Health Master Practitioner

Andreas is a trainer and one of the leading experts in neurocentric training in Europe. He works with top athletes from various fields, trainers and therapists, as well as various emergency services. Andreas has many years of experience as a trainer and mentor in the field of neuroathletics and heads the German Academy for Neuro-Performance, which offers one of the most comprehensive neuro training courses in the German-speaking world. As an author and speaker, he conveys this pioneering training approach to a broad public, in line with his belief: training rethought.


Energy crisis in the brain: effects and solutions for traumatic brain injuries and neurodegenerative impairments

What does our brain need to survive? Movement, regeneration and sufficient energy. This lecture will focus on the latter. Brain injuries often result in an inadequate energy supply to the brain. In neurodegenerative diseases, this is even discussed as a cause or is at least involved in the course of the disease. This energy deficit can lead to both worsening of symptoms and impaired regeneration.

This lecture focuses on different aspects of the brain's energy supply and highlights effective solutions as well as concrete tips and exercises to improve cerebral energy supply.

Learn how limitations in the brain's energy supply can negatively affect the brain itself as well as overall health and what practical steps can be taken to minimize these effects.

We focus on practical strategies aimed at optimizing oxygen and nutrient delivery to the brain to improve or mitigate the effects of quality of life for people with traumatic brain injuries and neurodegenerative conditions.

Get valuable insights and solutions to provide the brain with the energy it needs. You can then put all the content into practice straight away.