Neuroathletiktrainer Kevin Grafen hält zwei ARTZT neuro Vision Sticks vor sein Gesicht und fixiert den linken mit beiden Augen.

3 top neuroathletic exercises for neck pain

Do you often have neck pain? Does your neck tend to get tense when you sit at your desk or stand for a long time? Then try neuro-athletic training. Neuroathletic trainer Kevin Grafen shows you the best neuroathletic exercises you can do at home to train a tense and painful neck.

Your neck pulls, every now and then it cracks when you move your head, maybe you have pain that stretches from your neck to your head? Almost everyone is affected by the widespread disease "neck". However, this does not have to be the case, because simple neuro-training exercises help to loosen muscles and relax. And as a result, better mobility.

Neuro-athletics trainer Kevin Grafen uses two Vision Sticks and the Z-Vibe. What the eyes and your tongue have to do with your actual neck problems will amaze you!

First, let's take stock: how flexible is a neck, how far can your ear make it to your shoulder, for example? Does it crack anywhere? After all, you want to be able to check afterwards whether the exercises keep what they promise.

Exercise number one deals with “eye jumps”. To do this, hold the Vision Sticks shoulder-width apart in front of you with your arms stretched out. Then let your eyes dart between the top letters of the Vision Sticks. In the video you can see how the exact execution succeeds. Don't forget to do a cross-check with your neck at the end of the exercise, you'll be amazed! For exercise number two, the Z-Vibe is used, which stimulates the tongue. You have to know that the tongue is heavily involved in stabilizing the neck muscles and can therefore indirectly have a positive effect on the tense region.

Kevin shows you exactly where to place the Z-Vibe on the tongue for neck relief! Stop the exercise after about 10 to 15 seconds and feel the change in your neck muscles. The third exercise succeeds without any aids: it is hummed. After a deep breath, try to hum on the same note for as long as possible. You will be amazed at how much this vibration affects your neck!

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