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3 neuroathletic exercises for shoulder pain

In addition to neck and back pain, shoulder pain is one of the most common complaints in everyday life. In the video, sports scientist and neuroathletics coach Kevin Grafen reveals his top 3 exercises when the shoulder is having problems.

These three exercises can noticeably relieve restricted mobility and pain in the shoulder area and are suitable for everyone. Before it starts, Kevin first shows a short self-check to check or take stock on the shoulder. The movement restriction of the shoulder can often be solved by mobilizing the sternum, since the shoulder is over the collarbone
connected to the breastbone. This is possible with the ARTZT vitality Power Band. It is guided behind the back and stretched forward with stretched arms. Alternately, the upper back pushes itself slowly and purposefully backwards against the pressure and then gives in forwards again to the pressure of the band.

The neck and its muscles are also connected to the shoulder, i.e. if the neck is tense, this also has a direct effect on the shoulder. In the second exercise, the neck is released accordingly. This can be done without any aids, by stretching the head forwards and backwards without tilting it - very effective and noticeable up to the shoulder, by the way! Again, it is important to do the exercise shown in the video slowly and purposefully.

In the third exercise, the opposite hip is mobilized, which has a direct effect on the shoulder due to the neural network of these two body regions. If the hip is mobilized - as in this exercise - an impulse is also sent to the opposite shoulder via the nerves. This is possible with the use of the ARTZT vitality power band. One foot stands in the loop of the stretched band, is lifted slightly and now the leg pushes away from the hip against the resistance of the band. In this position, the leg is moved out of the hip in a slow, circular motion that is as large as possible.

All exercises are performed 10 to 15 times on each side and bring a noticeable improvement in the previously tested current state. Just try it!

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