Berengar Buschmann

DOSB Sports Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist B.Sc., Sect. Alternative Practitioner & Trainer Founder/Owner AREHA Idstein

Berengar is a passionate sports physiotherapist and lives this calling dynamically and optimistically every day in his "second professional life". He has been a lecturer and has worked with athletes from high-performance/professional sports (top 100 ATP tennis players and footballers from the Bundesliga and Champions League) for many years. In his first professional life he was a professional footballer, became a sports invalid and came back to life stronger than ever before. These experiences help him to help his customers and patients today. Since then, Berengar has been working as a "health visionary" and developing the "most perfect concept possible" for maintaining health with his AREHA team.

Neuroathletics in sports physiotherapy

Bottleneck regions – cervical spine stability & athlete’s groin

The neurocentric perspective is also becoming an increasingly important factor in sports physiotherapy. At the very least, it can represent an additional strength if sports physiotherapy also uses these perspectives and techniques in combination.

Thus, the combined view of both worlds can support rehabilitation, prevent injuries or even increase the performance, i.e. the performance potential of an athlete.

In sport, we often have to deal with peak loads, high load density and recurring microtraumas. Many bottleneck regions play a key role here, as they have a significant influence on resilience and regeneration. Structural damage that has been asymptomatic for a long time, for example, suddenly becomes a problem because functional deficits or dysfunctions are added. In order to keep the body functioning efficiently, we need every tool and every percent for the maximum possible success. Because with pain or functional limitations, it is only a matter of time before the body gives up or collapses. If we ensure rapid information exchange between cells and nerves, as well as high metabolic activity in highly stressed areas of the body, we increase every chance of success!

Increase your potential through simple methods from neuroathletics and sports physiotherapy and learn simple, effective practical examples.