Portrait Marc Nölke

Marc Noelke

Neuroathletics trainer, coach, former top athlete

Marc is a passionate trainer and instructor. He uses his experience as an Olympic athlete, multiple Olympic and World Championship trainer in various sports (6 gold medals in total), entrepreneur, Z-Health coach, systemic-integrative coach, neuro-athletic trainer and instructor, coupled with the latest scientific findings in his work with the best professionals and ambitious amateurs in equestrian sports. His training is based on neuroscientific findings, classic training science and many hours of experience with a wide variety of people from 8 to 80, from chronically ill people to Olympic champions.


The Power of the Brain – Long Covid Neuro Training

Use of neurocentric training in long-Covid rehabilitation

Long Covid is defined as a multisystem disease with often severe symptoms that follow infection with SARS-CoV-2. At least 65 million people worldwide have long Covid disease, based on a conservatively estimated incidence of 10% of infected people. More than 200 symptoms have now been identified that affect multiple organ systems. The cause of the diverse complaints often lies in certain areas of the brain.

The neurological consequences of SARS-CoV-2 in particular require a multidisciplinary approach with a combination of medical measures, rehabilitation strategies and additional modalities to improve the neurological functionality of patients. Neuroathletic training can thus represent an additional modality.

In order to be able to treat people with long Covid better, therapists therefore need holistic knowledge of the brain, the central nervous system and how it works. These controlling instances regulate the interaction in our body and determine our physical and mental performance. Understanding this complex interaction is the starting point of neurocentric training. This approach is an interdisciplinary approach that combines findings and methods from various disciplines, such as neuroscience, psychology, movement and sports science. It is new and promising in long Covid rehabilitation.

The lecture includes an introduction to the training concept of neurocentric training with a focus on its possible applications in long-Covid rehabilitation. In this lecture, we examine the current scientific literature and highlight the most important findings related to neuroathletic training. Basic concepts are conveyed on how to individually train those areas of the brain that can support the neurological rehabilitation of people with long-Covid.

Through targeted exercises, for example, sleep, fatigue, brain fog, autonomous functions, as well as cognitive and psychological abilities can be improved. The aim of the lecture is to give concrete ideas on how to treat clients even more effectively and holistically.