Portrait Stefanie Knapp

Stefanie Kapp

Physiotherapist, Z-Health Coach

Stefanie Kapp treats exclusively CMD patients in her private practice in Stuttgart and in coaching procedures. These patients are often considered to have exhausted all treatment options. Through her holistic methods, Crafta and neuroathletics training, as well as years of experience, Stefanie is able to show solutions. She embarks on a holistic search for the causes and has been successfully conducting online coaching sessions with her Kieferwissen team for 5 years. She also works as an author for Trias Verlag.

Jaw, head, facial pain a neurocentric perspective

Functional therapy for complaints in the jaw, head and face area. A practical insight

Recognize the neuroanatomical connections from the jaw to the joint system, and then to the swallowing and organ system. The connections between jaw imbalances and incomprehensible complaints in the rest of the organism will no longer be an unsolvable mystery for you. Muscular imbalances in the jaw system affect our entire musculoskeletal system through restrictions, pain and instability. With targeted neurocentric examinations, you can identify the causes of your patients' multiple physical complaints.

Use the power of simple neurocentric techniques for chronic symptoms such as tinnitus, vertigo and cervical spine syndrome. The anatomical connections of the jaw joint to the cranial nerves provide quick ways to stimulate the proprioception of the sensory organs and thus improve the input to the brain. Output mechanisms such as bruxism, tinnitus or pain can thus be changed. In this workshop, learn how a targeted anamnesis, inspection and movement testing in the jaw, head and face area can be effortlessly integrated into your treatment and get an overview of the therapy approaches for the dental, temporomandibular and vestibular systems.