Portrait Prof. Dr. Ulf Sobek

Prof. Dr. Ulf Sobek

Sports scientist, coach, lecturer

Prof. Dr. Ulf Sobek has been working for many years as a trainer, coach, speaker, lecturer and consultant in both the health sector and competitive sports. The combination of a "trainer with 30 years of experience" and a relatively young scientist is what makes Ulf Sobek so special. He not only contributes his experience and knowledge as a lecturer and consultant for the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) and the BSA Academy, but also for the DFB as an athletics trainer in the U-national teams and for the DFB Academy.

In addition to his work with various Bundesliga football clubs, Ulf Sobek also works internationally as a lecturer and speaker. As a personal coach, he combines classic training methods with the latest findings in neuro-performance training. As one of the few trainers in Germany, he has successfully completed Z-Health's Neuro-Master Practitioner program and helps his customers to make the most of all their existing facilities.


Neuroathletics and neurocentric therapy

Basics and useful knowledge from practice

Neurocentric training looks at movement, pain and performance from a completely new perspective. The focus is on the brain and the central nervous system, which act as the controlling entities for all movement processes. The nervous system is involved in all central processes of our life, but the key question is how consciously and individually do we use the neuronal "circuits"?

From a neurocentric perspective, the terms input, interpretation and output characterize every change process in the brain. The quality of the incoming information (input) from our surroundings and inner world is taken into account, which the brain analyzes, evaluates (interpretation) and converts into decisions for movements (output). The clearer the input the brain receives, the better the output will be. If the input is too weak or too imprecise, the brain gradually applies small handbrakes (restricted movement, pain, etc.) that limit progress in the therapy or training process.

In his lecture, Ulf Sobek takes you into the exciting and fascinating world of neurocentric training and its possibilities. He imparts the basic knowledge that you will need in the practical courses on February 5th. He also includes a variety of examples from his daily practice.