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Ultrabreathe Breathing Trainer

Ultrabreathe Breathing Trainer

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The ultimate breathing trainer

Breathing needs to be trained too: The Ultrabreathe is an inspiratory/expiratory muscle trainer that makes it easy and convenient to train the strength and endurance of the respiratory muscles. Especially in everyday life and in tense situations (competition), we tend to breathe short and shallow. In the long run, this can lead to a poorer oxygen supply to the brain as well as headaches and tension. Regular training with the Ultabreathe can help here.

The breathing trainer works according to the resistance principle: when you inhale, the resistance puts more strain on the respiratory muscles - the higher the resistance, the more the muscles have to work. The resistance of the Ultrabreathe can be easily adjusted via the valve.

Ultrabreathe is patented, CE marked and manufactured in the UK to European health and safety standards.

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Product features

- Tool for training breathing and respiratory muscles
- Suitable for all fitness levels
- Adjustable resistance
- Made in UK


Plastic housing made of ABS, antibacterial mouthpiece without phthalates, BPA or latex.


Scope of delivery

1 x Ultrabreathe, 1 x multilingual manual

Care instructions

The mouthpiece can be removed and washed with a little clean water if necessary. If there are several users, each person should use their own mouthpiece for reasons of hygiene.


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