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Colour Glasses Set

Colour Glasses Set

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Complete color glasses set for neuroathletics

Did you know? Each color of the solar spectrum has a specific effect on our psyche and our body. This is because each color has a specific wavelength and energy that can be transferred to our body.

The color is created in the moment of seeing, i.e. in the cooperation between the eyes and the brain. Individual experiences and color-specific associations play an important role here.

How do I use colour glasses?

Test the individual effect of the different colors on your body. Wear the colored glasses in everyday life, at work or while doing sports. Thanks to the magnetic color clips, you can quickly switch between colors and even try out different color combinations.

Glasses and clips can be safely stored in the included case and quickly cleaned with the microfiber cloth.

Colors included:

The possible effects listed below are only guidelines or empirical values; the actual effect may occur or vary individually for each user.

Yellow - Concentration Uplifting, cheerful, stimulating. Dilates the pupils and increases contrast. Not recommended for people with a stressed visual system.

Red - Strength Stimulating, accelerating, toning. Strong irritant effect. Short wearing time recommended.

Pink - Happiness Calming, soothing. Creates feelings of happiness and increases intuition. Wearing time depends on the situation and individual feelings

Green - Harmony Neutralizing, calming, balancing. Can be worn for longer if necessary.

Blue - Anti-Stress Relaxing, calms breathing. Can be worn for longer if necessary.

Violet - Meditation Inspiring, promotes creativity. The length of time it is worn depends on the situation and individual feelings.

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Product features

100% UV protection Lens protection category of the clips: 1


polycarbonate (frame), acrylic (lenses)


Front: 13.5 cm Height: 3.9 cm Temple length: 15 cm

Scope of delivery

1 each of socket, case, microfiber cloth + 6 different colored magnet attachments

Care instructions

If necessary, clean with the enclosed microfiber cloth.