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ARTZT neuro

Colour Glasses Set

Colour Glasses Set

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Complete set of colour glasses for neuroathletics

Already knew? Each colour from the solar spectrum has a specific effect on our psyche and our body. This is because each of these colors has a specific wavelength and energy that is transmitted to our body.

The colour is created in the moment of seeing, i.e. in the cooperation between eyes and brain. Individual experiences and colour-specific associations play an important role here.

The effect of colours on the body has been scientifically well researched. The colour red is stimulating, accelerating and toning, while the color blue is calming, cooling and reducing the stress level. The colour yellow provides energy and concentration and has an encouraging effect.

Test the individual effect of different colors on your body. Wear the ARTZT neuro colour glasses in everyday life, at work or during sports. Thanks to the magnetic color clips, you can quickly switch between colours and even try out different colour combinations. Glasses and clips can be safely stowed away in the enclosed case and quickly cleaned with the microfibre cloth.

What colors are included?

The possible effects below are only guideline or empirical values, the actual effect can occur or vary individually with each user.

Yellow - concentration

Uplifting, cheerful, stimulating. Dilates the pupils and increases contrast. Not recommended for stressed visual system.

Red - power

Stimulating, accelerating, toning. Strong irritating effect. Short wearing time recommended.

Pink - happiness

Nerve calming, soothing. Generates feelings of happiness and increases intuition. Wearing time Depends on the situation and according to individual feelings

Green - harmony

Neutralizing, calming, balancing. Can be worn longer if needed.

Blue - anti-stress

Relaxing, calms breathing. Can be worn longer if needed.

Purple - meditation

Inspiring, encourages creativity. Wearing time Depends on the situation and according to individual feelings.

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Product features

100% UV protection Lens protection category of the clips: 1


polycarbonate (frame), acrylic (lenses)


Front: 13.5 cm Height: 3.9 cm Temple length: 15 cm

Scope of delivery

1 each of socket, case, microfiber cloth + 6 different colored magnet attachments

Care instructions

If necessary, clean with the enclosed microfiber cloth.


The neurally by ARTZT app was specially developed for neurotrainers. Here you will find all the digital tools you need for regular exercises with your clients.


What it does, what it can do. Watch the video for a brief explanation of what neuroathletics is.


ARTZT neuro is one of our newest brands. You could previously find the range at the quality brand ARTZT vitality.

In order to act sustainably and to continue to use existing packaging and instructions, it may well happen that a neuro product still bears its original ARTZT vitality label.

However, you can be sure that this does not cause any disadvantage. These are the same high-quality products in the usual quality.