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Free ears during sports thanks to bone conduction

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Many people wear headphones when exercising outdoors. Because with music, podcasts or audio books on your ears, you simply train better. The problem: Most devices are worn in or on the ear and thus dampen the noise in the environment. In urban traffic, jogging or cycling can quickly become dangerous.

Bone conduction sound

The wireless headphones SoundVibe offer a clever solution for this. Unlike conventional headphones that cover the ear canal, the Soundvibe sits on the back cheeks below the temples. It transmits the sound using bone conduction technology. The sounds are transmitted directly to the inner ear by vibrations on the skull bones, instead of the usual sound vibrations in the air. The ears remain free. In this way, external noises, including horns and calls, arrive unhindered and can be heard at the same time as the sound from the headphones.

Perfect for neuro-athletic training and sports

And that's not all: In the SoundVibe there is also a function for that neuroathletic training. With this exercise method, the communication of different parts of the body with the brain is to be improved through targeted neuronal impulses. For example, the Soundvibe stimulates different cranial nerves by vibrating the temporal bones. This can improve movement sequences, stabilize the torso and spine or relieve muscular tension.

The training with the headphones works via an app that allows a selection of different tones and frequencies and can also control the temporal bones separately. When used correctly, the Soundvibe can help increase athletic performance and minimize the risk of injury.

Dust and water resistant headphones

A thin titanium neckband ensures that the headphones are held securely. This is very light at 35 grams and sits firmly on the head even during intensive movement. Hat or sunglasses do not interfere with wearing comfort. Anyone who quickly breaks a sweat during sport doesn't have to worry either with the SoundVibe. The headphones are IP65 certified and therefore protected against dust and water jets. Even when it rains, outdoor fans don't have to do without listening to music. Equipped with a microphone, the stereo headphones can also be used to make phone calls via Bluetooth.

It takes around two hours for the SoundVibe to be fully charged, and the operating time is then up to six hours. So there is enough time for long jogging sessions or extensive cycling and hiking tours. By the way: If the outside world should be completely hidden, the supplied silicone earplugs will help.

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