Portrait Alexander Glöckle

Alexander Glöckle

Sports scientist, trainer, Z-Health coach

Alex is a qualified sports scientist, health manager and business educator. He is also a Z-Health neuroathletics trainer, cognitive trainer, fitness trainer A-license and movement coach. Through his many years of experience as a coach in various sports, he has built up a wealth of experience. In order to continuously expand his knowledge, he takes part in training courses throughout Europe every year. In addition, he tirelessly searches for current publications and sources in order to always stay up to date with the latest developments.


Neurocentric soccer training

How to prevent injuries and achieve your personal peak performance!

In neurocentric soccer training, soccer-specific techniques and movements are combined with cognitive, coordination and visual challenges. This means that the training is designed to more than meet the requirements of a modern soccer player. In this workshop, you will experience many new movements with the aim of improving quality, speed and execution. Immerse yourself in the world of neurocentric soccer training with Alex and Simon, because without the brain, no learning and no movement can take place.