Neuroathletik Trainer Kevin Grafen trägt eine grüne ARTZT neuro Farbbrille

3 neuroathletic exercises for migraines

Many people suffer from migraines and tension headaches. Above all, those who spend a lot of time in front of the screen are often plagued with migraine-like headaches, tired eyes or even blurred vision. Neuroathletic trainer Kevin Grafen shows you the best neuroathletic exercises you can do with such problems in the video below.

Exercise 1: head massage

For the first exercise, run your hands, or more precisely the tips of your index and middle fingers, along the right and left of your spine along your neck until you feel the edge of your skull. The muscles attached there are often extremely tense and can trigger migraines and tension headaches. Here you now massage in a circle with a pressure that is just comfortable for you for about ten to 15 repetitions to the right and left. Both sides, of course! Then you go a little further into the middle and a little higher with one hand - in the video you can see exactly where that is. There is a tendon attachment, which you also massage in a circular motion with light pressure.

Exercise 2: eye massage

What very few people know: We often get migraines because our eyes deliver too much information to our brain and the brain is then overloaded. With an active eye massage as in exercise two, in which first the lower and then the upper edge of the eye is massaged on both sides with light pressure, the eyes and brain can relax immediately. After the massage, both hands are placed over the eyes for about a minute, which ensures even deeper relaxation.

Exercise 3: relaxation

For the third exercise, Kevin takes advantage of the effect of color on the eyes and brain. Green light waves have a relaxing effect, which means that the headache can not only be relieved immediately with the green colored glasses from neuroathletics, but they can also be used preventively almost everywhere in everyday life. Anyone who often suffers from migraine headaches knows: it's worth a try!

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