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ARTZT neuro

Eye Chart 4 m

Eye Chart 4 m

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Your basis for a clear view

Make your eye training controllable. With the ARTZT neuro eye chart you can check how successful your individual eye exercises are with the neuro tools. The test is carried out at a viewing distance of 4 m and, thanks to the symbols (Landolt rings), can even be carried out with smaller children. A green and red line show you the normal range. Flexible control – anytime, anywhere!

How do I use the eye test?

The map is hung or held on the wall at a distance of 4 m. Find a line that you can clearly see and name the spot where the circle opening is, for example, top right. Continue row by row until you can no longer see the spot. On the left edge of the eye chart you can read your visual acuity (visual acuity) in percent (bottom number). A visual acuity of 100% corresponds to an acuity of 1 (20/20).

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 30.5 x 21.5 cm (DIN A4)
  • Material: thick paper (400g/m²) with matt cellophane coating on one side
  • Rounded corners for safe handling
  • Scope of delivery: 1 piece

All advantages at a glance:

  • Landolt rings, named after the Swiss ophthalmologist Edmund Landort, are a standard visual symbol for eye tests
  • Eye test according to the European standard EN ISO 8596 for measuring visual acuity
  • Also suitable for visual acuity testing of children and illiterates

Thinking sustainably

ARTZT neuro is one of our newest brands. You could previously find the range from our quality brand ARTZT vitality . In order for us to act sustainably and continue to use existing packaging and instructions, it is quite possible that a neuro product will still carry its original ARTZT vitality label. However, you can be sure that this will not result in any disadvantage. These are the same high-quality products in the usual quality.

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Product features

Eye test according to the European standard EN ISO 8596 for measuring visual acuity


Thick paper (400g/m²) with matt cellophane on one side


30.5 x 21.5 cm (A4)

Scope of delivery

1 piece

Care instructions

Wipe clean with a dry cloth