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ARTZT neuro

Eye Chart Set

Eye Chart Set

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So you see correctly

Almost all of our movements are controlled by the visual system. Through the input via the eyes, all important information about our environment is communicated to our brain so that targeted movement is possible. Even small losses of information or disturbances can lead to a non-optimal movement result. The ARTZT neuro eye charts help to optimally and individually train the visual system.

Versatile visual training

The panels 4 fields, arrows and coordination are used to improve coordination with regard to eye-hand or eye-foot coordination, mental flexibility, multitasking and active thinking.

The near-far boards train sharp vision at different distances (accommodation), the board peripheral perception, the width of our field of vision and thus the faster detection of unforeseen events that suddenly affect our currently focused field of vision.

The VOR board helps with generally weak eye muscles and is a helpful basic training, but can also be used in the area of balance training.

The digit search board improves spatial orientation and thus the speed of reaction and can also have a positive influence on balance.

The Sakkade board trains targeted eye jumps.

These boards are included:

  • 4 fields
  • arrows
  • Coordination (4 boards)
  • Near / Far (2 panels)
  • digit search
  • peripheral perception
  • Saccade (3 panels)
  • Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex (VOR)
  • Reading Test Chalkboard
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    Product features

    - Material: thick paper (400g/m²) with matt cellophane coating on one side - rounded corners for safe handling - incl. instructions


    Thick paper (400g/m²) with matt cellophane on one side



    Scope of delivery

    15 different panels, instructions

    Care instructions

    Wipe clean with a dry cloth