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ARTZT neuro

Fusion Charts

Fusion Charts

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Perfect for your visual training

The symbols on the ARTZT neuro fusion card make fusion easier thanks to their simple shape. It provides information about how well the binocularity is present and whether the level of fusion in vision is reached. At the same time, the cards can also be used to train the fusion. Due to the different distances of the rings on the map, different levels of difficulty are possible.

What is fusion?

In order for your eyes to produce a consistent picture of the things you are looking at, you need sensory and motor skills. First, both eyes must perceive simultaneously, i.e. at the same time. Then comes the fusion, the merging of the two images into a single image. The fusion forms the basis for our spatial vision and is determined by the sensory and motor functions of our eyes. If the individual images of your two eyes are not fused, you cannot see three-dimensionally.

Fusion in everyday life

Different everyday stresses, such as poor eyesight, overstrain due to permanent computer work and unfavorable lighting conditions, can affect our fusion. Fusion dysfunction can result in double vision or suppression of vision in one eye. These impairments can also only occur at certain distances and do not have to be permanent.

With the fusion card you can train your visual motor skills at different distances and levels of difficulty. For a clear view, anytime and anywhere!

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 15 cm (DIN A6)
  • Print on environmentally friendly recycled paper
  • 10 pieces in a set

Tip: If necessary, the training can be supplemented with matching colored glasses.

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Product features

Print on environmentally friendly recycled paper


Environmentally friendly waste paper


10.6 x 15 cm (DIN A6)

Scope of delivery

10 pieces

Care instructions

Wipe clean with a dry cloth