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Theragun PRO Plus

Theragun PRO Plus

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ARTZT neuro presents Theragun PRO Plus: The neuromuscular masterpiece

Theragun PRO Plus from Therabody opens up new dimensions in neuroathletics. This multifunctional massage device is your key to optimized neuroathletic performance. The integration of six scientifically based therapies - from revolutionary percussive therapy to profound near-infrared LED light therapy to vibration, heat and cold (sold separately) - expands the spectrum of neurocentric training.

Use the Theragun PRO Plus and discover the potential of the human brain to train physical performance. Start with guided breathing exercises to sharpen your mental focus. Combine your physical training with targeted, conscious relaxation of the mind.

More efficient ways to improve performance and regeneration

With customizable routines, the Theragun PRO Plus adapts to your individual needs. It is therefore aimed at trainers, therapists or sports physicians who want to focus on the cognitive component of their training.

Experience how the Theragun PRO Plus revolutionizes the neural level of athletic training thanks to its perfectly coordinated therapy approaches - and how every impulse, every beam of light and every vibration trains not only your muscles but also your neural network. FDA-approved and of the highest quality, this medical device marks the beginning of a new era in neuroathletics.

With its seven attachments, the Theragun PRO Plus is the ideal partner on your journey to perfecting the harmony of body and mind. Complement your neurocentric training with customized therapy sequences and experience how the boundaries between physical strength and mental clarity blur. The future of training begins with Theragun PRO Plus. Now.


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Product features

- Muscles, joints, mind: The comprehensive treatment for almost all types of pain
- Powerful 16mm percussive massage therapy
- Personalized analysis
- Step-by-step visually guided routines
- Integrated near-infrared LED light therapy
- Integrated biometric sensor
- Patented ergonomic handle
- Up to 150 minutes battery life (depending on the attachment used)
- Free TheraMind sound therapy – exclusively via the Therabody app
- Attachment for cold therapy available separately


The body of the device is made of plastic and TPU. The soft tips are made of PU foam and silicone. The active tips (heat and vibration) are made of silicone to protect their internal components.


36 mm x 154 mm x 65 mm without attachments

Scope of delivery

- Theragun PRO Plus
- 5 attachments for percussive therapy to treat different areas of the body
- 2 additional attachments for heat therapy and vibration therapy
- USB-C charging cable
- Travel bag

Care instructions

Wipe with a dry cloth if necessary.