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RecoveryTherm Cube

RecoveryTherm Cube

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Theragun RecoveryTherm Cube - your partner for intelligent temperature regulation in neuroathletics

The RecoveryTherm Cube gives you access to precise cold, heat and contrast therapies that not only relieve physical discomfort but also support your neurocentric training. The application helps reduce inflammation, promotes healing from injuries and optimizes the regeneration of muscles and joints - all based on scientifically sound methods.

Developed by experts, the RecoveryTherm Cube uses Therabody's advanced Cryothermal Technology to take neuroathletic performance to a new level. Through precisely preset treatments, the Cube enables precise, needs-based temperature control for effective recovery processes and increased responsiveness of the nervous system. Its portable design makes it the ideal companion for you and your charges to enable targeted regeneration anywhere and to exploit the full potential of neuroathletic training.


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Product features

- Device for heat, cold and contrast therapy
- For the treatment of injuries, pain and inflammation
- Battery life: 120 min. for heat and cold and 60 min. for contrast


The housing of the device is made of plastic (PC+ABS) and aluminum.
The case is made of plastic (PC+ABS) and silicone.
The straps are made of neoprene and velcro.


The device measures 113 x 55 78 mm.
With case it measures 117 x 55 110 mm.
The short strap measures 50 cm and the long strap measures 100 cm.

Scope of delivery

- RecoveryTherm Cube device
- Cube belt frame
- 60 cm long strap
- 100 cm long strap
- USB-C charging cable

Care instructions

Wipe with a dry cloth.