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ARTZT neuro

Vision Chart Set for children

Vision Chart Set for children

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Learning movement and motor skills at the highest level

Our sensory system, an interplay of visual, balance and proprioceptive signals, is the foundation on which our brain builds to synchronize learning and goal-directed movement in a harmonious way. However, the smallest disturbances can lead to significant impairments.

The innovative ARTZT neuro children's vision charts are specially designed to sharpen visual perception. They can be used to train concentration and movement confidence. Ideal for pioneering neuroathletic programs, they offer a tailor-made solution that helps children perceive their environment more precisely and make full use of their physical abilities.


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Product features

15 eye charts in a set
Rounded corners (A4 only) for safe handling
Incl. digital instructions


Thick paper (400g/m²) with matt cellophane on one side



Scope of delivery

Coordination board parts of speech
Coordination board math
Figure Eight
Saccade Table Emotions
Concentration table bd
Vergence charts (10 pieces to cut out)
Number table
Eye balance board
Coordination board 1 - 4 (4 pieces)
Near/far board
Arrow board
Number search board

Care instructions

If necessary, wipe with a dry cloth.

  • Made in Germany

    We are committed to local production and short delivery routes.