Neuroathletiktrainer Kevin Grafen fixiert einen ARTZT neuro Vision Stick mit seinen Augen, während er den Kopf leicht nach rechts dreht.

3 neuroathletic exercises for back pain

Do you often suffer from back pain and often feel tense? Neuroathletics trainer Kevin Grafen from Fitnessland Kensho shows you 3 back exercises that can help with your back training.


Exercise 1: Raise your shoulders
Exercise 2: Eye push-up
Exercise 3: tongue circles

Do you also have back pain, possibly restricted movement on the back of your legs, maybe you've been sitting too much in the home office and your neck pinches? Three simple neuroathletic exercises promise immediate relief.

First you get an overview of the starting position by looking two or three times how far down you can get in the forward bend. Well, can you touch the floor with your fingertips? You can then check directly whether the current condition has improved after the first exercise.

Exercise 1: Raise your shoulders

In the first exercise, "raise your shoulders", a power band helps you to raise and lower your shoulders while standing against the resistance. Here not only the shoulder and neck muscles are trained, but at the same time the 11th cranial nerve is addressed, which is responsible for relaxing the extensor muscles, i.e. the backs of the legs.

Exercise 2: Eye push-up

For the second exercise you need a Vision Stick from the Neuroathletics range. It will help you with the “eye push-up”. To do this, hold the Vision Stick in front of you with your arm stretched out, look at the upper letter and then slowly pull the stick towards you between your eyes - as far as you can still clearly see the letter. Squinting is wanted! Then it's back to the starting position. After several repetitions, through the focused eye work - seeing near and far alternately - you have both the flexor and the extensor muscles, which are in
controlled by specific areas of the midbrain.

Exercise 3: tongue circles

You didn't think that "tongue circles" could have anything to do with your flexor and extensor muscles, did you? This great exercise has a relaxing effect on the neck muscles and can help relieve headaches. Best of all, you don't even need a tool. Simply make clockwise and counter-clockwise circles with the tip of your tongue - the video shows exactly what this looks like - and it won't take long before you feel the relaxing effect!

Finally, you should bend over again. You will be amazed at what has happened.

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