Neuroathletik Trainer Kevin Grafen hält einen ARTZT neuro Vision Stick in Armlänge vor sein Gesicht und fixiert ihn mit beiden Augen, während er den Kopf leicht nach rechts dreht.

3 neuroathletic exercises for dizziness

Dizziness! What to do? Occasional dizziness, for example after getting up too quickly, is completely normal. Occasionally, however, a miscalibrated vestibular system can be the cause.

Do you suffer from dizziness? Did you know that you have your own GPS system in your head, more precisely in your inner ear, which determines your position in space when sitting, standing, walking, lying down? Unfortunately, your sense of balance can be miscalibrated, leading to dizziness. From neuro-athletics there are simple and practical exercises to help your sense of balance get back on its feet so that dizziness disappears.

Exercise 1: Eye stimulation

In the first exercise with the vision stick from neuroathletics, you first fix the upper letter on the stick, which you hold arm-length in front of you. As you now move your head sideways to the right and left on a horizontal line, your eyes continue to fixate on the upper letter on the vision stick. Next, you do the exercises in a vertical movement: while you nod, your eyes continue to fixate on the upper letter. The last increase in this exercise is the imaginary X that you imagine in front of you. You now follow this diagonally with your nose, your eyes fixed on the letter of the vision stick again and you move your head diagonally. One after the other you "work" on both legs of the imaginary X.

Exercise 2: Bite

In exercise two, you bite, yes you read it correctly. Because: Biting can create more stability, which in turn has a positive effect on the sense of equality. To do this, a simple wooden spatula is bitten over the entire row of lateral teeth, the pressure is maintained and the head is moved sideways at the same time in order to additionally stretch the neck muscles.

Exercise 3: head control

For the third exercise, Kevin uses the laser from neuro-athletics. When the balance system isn't working, the body has to resort to other systems to find its way in space. The laser is used to train the perception of the eyes. An exciting thing that Kevin impressively demonstrates. Worth watching!

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