Basic exercise vestibookular reflex (VOR)

starting position

Frau in Ausgangsstellung der Basisübung Vestibulookularer Reflex (VOR)

Practice focusing on an object while the head moves asynchronously. To do this, fix the VOR board to the wall at eye level and stand in the middle at a distance of approx. 1 m in front of it. Focus your eyes on the small "z" in the middle of the board.

final position

Frau in Variante der Basisübung Vestibulookularer Reflex (VOR)

While your eyes continue to focus on the letter, move your head (5-10 times each) along the horizontal line to the right and back to center. Repeat the exercise along all the lines shown. Start slowly and increase the pace if necessary. If you find an axis particularly difficult, you should train it more.