Wie du Neuroathletik Trainer wirst

How to become a neuroathletic coach

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Neuro-athletic training is becoming increasingly important in physiotherapy and professional athletic training such as football, hockey or track and field. No wonder, then, that the need for appropriate training is also increasing in Germany. You can find out how you too can become a neuroathletic trainer here.


What is neuroathletic training?
Who Can Become a Neuroathletic Coach?
What training formats are there?
Where can I find the training dates?
How can I be found online as a neuroathletic coach?

What is neuroathletic training?

If you are not familiar with the term neuroathletics, you should first familiarize yourself with the basics of neuroathletics training.

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In the following sections we will explain how you can become a neuroathletic trainer yourself.

Who Can Become a Neuroathletic Coach?

Neuroathletic training is now finding more and more trainers and therapists who want to expand their repertoire with neuroathletic exercises. Fortunately, the range of training opportunities in Germany continues to grow accordingly.

If you are already working as an athletic trainer, fitness trainer, coach or therapist, you can always complete a neuroathletics training course that suits you. You can always find the exact basic requirements and the main topics directly at the course date.

What training formats are there?

While neuroathletics was made famous in Germany primarily by the sports scientist Lars Lienhard, it originally comes from the USA. Here, in the early 2000s, athletic trainer Eric Cobb began to combine the two disciplines of athletic training and neuroscience. The Birth of Neuro Athletic Training .

Finally, Cobb combined the findings from neuroscience and practical experience from therapy and training to create his own training concept, the Z-Health Performance Education System .

In addition to Cobbs Z-Health training courses, there are now many competent providers of neuroathletic training courses in Germany.

Where can I find training dates?

A complete description of our in-house training course as well as other dates of our cooperation partners can be found in the following link.

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How can I be found online as a neuroathletic coach?

If you have successfully completed your training as a neuroathletic trainer, you can apply for an entry in our neuroathletic trainer search. If your entry has been checked and approved internally, we will store your contact details on the map.

Would you like to be included in our search as a neurotrainer? Then contact us. You can find an overview of all neuroathletic trainers in Germany under the following link.

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