About ARTZT neuro

What is neuroathletics?

Neuroathletics is now an integral part of football, athletic training and therapy. The training approach based on the right interaction between head and body is one of the most important and fascinating fitness and therapy trends of recent years. But you can also benefit from it in everyday life, for example with balance problems, neck or back pain and tension.

ARTZT neuro provides you with the right tools you need for neuroathletic training. Even simple visual exercises with the Vision Sticks or the colored glasses can help treat pain and tension, while exercises with the Marsden Ball or the SoundVibe train your balance and cognition. Practical neurotraining sets also make it easier for beginners to get started with neurocentric training.

And who is this ARTZT now?

Ludwig Artzt GmbH was founded in 1981 by the namesake Ludwig Artzt. Initially working as a sales representative in medical technology, he recognized the potential of the physiotherapy and fitness industry early on.

Portrait of Philipp and Felix Artzt, Managing Directors of Ludwig Artzt GmbH | artztneuro.de

The same applied to the world-famous Theraband, which Ludwig presented at German trade fairs and congresses from the late 1980s as the official representative of Germany. Together with his sons Felix and Philipp, "Mr. Thera-Band" traveled all over Germany. With the famous fitness band in their luggage, the sentence finally fell: "You're finally here!"

Foundation TheraBand

Over the years, the "Ärzte" managed to establish TheraBand as a synonym for fitness and quality. Other quality brands followed and are still being added to the wide range of products on a regular basis. Today ARTZT is managed by Felix Artzt in the second generation.

Quality that pays off

In addition to ARTZT neuro, we carry many other brands such as ARTZT thepro , ARTZT vitality and the ARTZT Vintage Series . They all have one thing in common: the combination of expert knowledge, quality and the joy of exercise - to feel a little bit better every day.

Woman exercising in a lunge with a resistance band

The experience and scientific knowledge from over 40 years of know-how in sports, athletics and physiotherapy have flowed into each and every one of our products. This is what makes the difference you can feel when you train.

Game changer neuroathletics

The ARTZT neuro tools are based on the latest scientific and training findings and were developed in close cooperation with experts such as the internationally renowned neuroscientist Dr. Developed by Eric Cobb of Z-Health . Neuro-athletic training is becoming increasingly important in football, track and field, as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation, constantly bringing new successes in performance improvement and recovery.

Our neuroathletics network is constantly growing and together we are constantly working on new tools that will make your training more efficient and your everyday life easier. If you're looking for a trainer to help you with your neuroathletic training, take a look here .

ARTZT neuro - so that you can give one hundred percent again in sports and everyday life.