Frau stützt sich im Ausfallschritt mit beiden Händen an eine Wand und schaut auf eine dort hängende ARTZT neuro Sehtafel.

First Neuro Innovation Day in Frankfurt am Main

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At the fully booked Neuro Innovation Day, over 150 participants learned about the potential of neuro-centric training.


A day of neuroathletics
Wide range of topics in theory and practice
Game changer for science and sports
Neuro Innovation Day 2023

A day of neuroathletics

Neurotraining is becoming more and more of a trend. The brain-based training method, which was initially used primarily in top-level sport, has now found its way into a wide variety of health areas. On September 18, 2022, on the premises of the Landessportbund Hessen e. V. the first Neuro Innovation Day took place. The organizers were the Artzt Institute of Ludwig Artzt GmbH and the German Academy for Neuro-Performance .

"We hit the bull's eye with our Neuro Day: The topic is met with great interest, the event was fully booked," says Astrid Buscher, head of the Artzt Institute. Trainers, physiotherapists, trainers and sports physicians from the DA-CH region used the congress for professional training.

Wide range of topics in theory and practice

For one day, well-known speakers informed about the latest findings from neuro-centered training. The opening lecture entitled “Neuro-Training, the training of the future” already made it clear what the conference was about: “The brain and nervous system are involved in all vital processes, so why isn’t our main focus on training, therapy and diagnostics neural processes?” asked Kevin Grafen, sports scientist and neuro coach.

Neuroathletic coach Kevin Grafen treats the left leg of a man lying on the floor at Neuro Innovation Day 2022.

Around 150 congress visitors were able to try out the practical application of the neuro-centred method for themselves in the 12 workshops offered. “The best way to understand a complex concept like neurotraining is to experience it first-hand. Many things look a bit whimsical and strange at first glance when viewed from the outside. But when the effect is noticeable and visible on your own body, you understand why neurotraining will be an integral part of training and therapy in the future," explains Andreas Könings, neuro-expert and head of the German Academy for Neuro-Performance. According to Könings, the congress is an important milestone in Germany in order to make the neuro-centred approach accessible to a broader public and to pave new paths for sport and health.

The range of topics was correspondingly diverse. It ranged from the use of neuro-based therapies for cancer and post-Covid consequences to strengthening the immune system in everyday life and fall prevention to the question "Does your brain know that you are no longer injured?".

Woman holding the end of an ARTZT neuro Brock string with her left hand at Neuro Innovation Day 2022.

Dominik Suslik, sports scientist and head of medicine, health and athletics at the second division club Hannover 96, and Tina Nguyen, neuroathletics trainer and inventor of the Kraftletics concept, explained how neurotraining is used in team sports or in functional group training. Physiotherapist Angelika Rieß with her focus on visual training and Astrid Buscher with her lecture on the influence of perception on children's learning and behavior showed that children can already benefit from the neuro approach.

Game changer for science and sports

All of these contributions were intended to give the participants an understanding of the neural connections between the brain and the body. Because the quality of every movement depends on the quality of the information from the three movement-controlling systems eyes (visual system), balance (vestibular system) and self-perception (proprioceptive system) and how well the brain can process it.

Neuroathletic coach Tina Nguyen lunges on the floor at Neuro Innovation Day 2022.

These findings already play a relevant role in sports such as football and athletics. But neurotraining can also be a game changer for everyday complaints such as back pain or headaches. “Brain-based training represents the connection between training possibilities and modern neuroscientific knowledge. There is a lot of information that we just have to use. This allows us to look at and improve movement and pain problems from a whole new perspective," says doctor, neuroscientist and neuro-expert Hady Daboul, whose "heyvie" app can be used to train the brain in migraines.

Neuro Innovation Day 2023

Information and tickets for the Neuro Innovation Day 2023 in Hennef can be found here .

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